5 Simple SEO Techniques From Semalt To Improve Your Website Rankings

Needless to say, SEO is vital to the survival of your website and increasing the sales of your business. Implementing a modern website with beautiful design and rich content is definitely important. But what is its value if people cannot find it?

So if you want to build a serious online presence, then you need to follow specific SEO promotion techniques. A few years ago it was enough to just create a page that repeated the basic keyword too many times. But search engines have become smart enough to bypass this trick.

Now, they rank the websites based on more objective criteria, evaluating their quality and relevance to the topic they are dealing with. Today, we will share 5 useful SEO techniques that are proven to work and help your website get higher rankings.

As you know, better SEO - higher keywords rankings, more traffic and more sales

So let's get started!

SEO technique 1: Target keywords around thematic content rather than individual keywords

Let's see what we mean by an example. So let's say you have a foreign language tutorial and you want to appear on the first page of Google for the keyword "English lessons". You will soon find that it is almost impossible to achieve this in a short time. That's because the competition is very high and the chances of you ranking on Google's 1st page in a short time are too small.

So instead of targeting a keyword with so much competition and such a wide audience, you can focus on similar keywords, which do not have as much competition and leave more chances for your website rankings to rise. It is generally accepted based on statistics that you will achieve more sales through Long tail keywords. This means that you should not be interested in better rankings in just one keyword but in many similar ones around thematic content.

In our example, you can target keywords such as "adult English lessons", "fast English learning", "fast English lessons" etc., which are less competitive.

So you can achieve rankings for several different keywords that move around the same thematic content and gain a significant share of the competition much faster.

SEO Technique 2: Create keywords around niche markets

To take advantage of keywords, you must first know how to discover them. We have analyzed in a previous article that the process of finding keywords is the cornerstone of any SEO strategy.

If you can perfect the process of finding keywords for your business, then not only will you increase your website rankings, but you will also know your audience much better than the competition.

But how do you do the right keyword research? There are 3 basic ways:
  • Start with a keyword finding tool e.g. the Dedicated SEO Dashboard
  • "Ask" Google to reveal some words that users are looking for in a very simple way
  • Find specific niche markets
The first two techniques are simple and easy to understand and you may have already used them. But what does a niche market mean?

Let's, again, look at an example.

If your business sells sneakers from branded brands, then it is obvious how some keywords can move around the brand of shoes, such as:
  • Sport shoes brand 1
  • Cheap sports shoes
  • Sport shoes brand 2
  • Basketball sneakers
  • Women's sneakers
Definitely, the above phrases are ideal to "set up the SEO" of your website around them. But there is a key problem.

These are the phrases that 95% of the competition will think about and target. So what is the best way to get started?

The best way is the so-called Niche Markets. Niche markets are keyword maps directly related to your business but not directly visible. To understand this, let us return to our example.

An internet user who is interested in buying sneakers, in addition to the obvious keywords can also search for the following:
  • Running leg pain
  • Shoes for a better jump on the spot
  • Ideal running shoes
  • Walking without pain in the legs
  • Improve running speed
  • Best walking anatomy
  • Best basketball jump
  • Running on uneven road
  • Shoe sole anatomy
  • Mountain running shoe
Each of the above phrases is part of a more general niche market that is directly related to our business. They may not have the same volume of searches with the classic phrases (sports shoes, etc.), but it is much easier to quickly win a place on the page of Google and create some movement around your brand name.

So think of keywords that the competition does not think of and create content around them. Search engines will reward you with high rankings in a relatively short period of time compared to the traditional keywords around which all competitors target.

SEO Technique 3: Focus on the keywords that have shown the most change in their rankings

Focus on keywords whose rankings have changed significantly (either up or down) in recent weeks.

Why is this important?

First of all, you need to decide which keywords to target.

Secondly, you need to know what the current search engine ranking is. Before you start working on better optimizing your website, it is wise to choose a Rank Tracking tool so that you have an ongoing picture of ranking changes. There are many tools on the market that allow you to track keyword rankings by country and search engine at regular intervals (per day, per week, etc.). Knowing the rise or fall of keywords as mentioned above can lead to useful conclusions about the elements that need improvement or the reasons why specific keywords rank high and others do not. 

For example, if one of the keywords presents a rise of 10 places in the rankings, then it is worth inspecting the page for which it is ranked and think about what it was that you improved or changed. It may e.g. have been a change in the content or a check for backlinks. If again keyword rankings have dropped significantly, then it will help you understand which type of content is delivering or optimized properly and which is not.

SEO Technique 4: Watch the keywords in which your competitors gain good rankings

So, you want to rank for a specific keyword.

Follow 3 simple steps:
  1. See if you are already in the top 10 pages of Google.
  2. If not, optimize the page that targets that keyword and promote your article to increase rankings for that keyword.
  3. If the keywords you are targeting are in the first 10 pages, but there are several websites that are above yours in the rankings, thoroughly review the top 10 results that Google gives for that keyword. In these results is hidden the method to go up to the first page. Some websites have more and more quality backlinks, some have more quality and rich content and some are better optimized for the ON-PAGE SEO part. This process is probably one of the most useful to understand the reasons why other websites outperform you.
This process can greatly help you decide in the future how to create new content or improve existing content on your website.

SEO Technique 5: Improve obsolete content

The improvement of the content of your website is a process that must employ you on an ongoing basis.

In case you have texts and articles from the past, instead of deleting them or just deleting them from your website, it is much better to upgrade them. Consider enriching the content, targeting it around a keywords theme, and getting some useful backlinks to boost your rankings. Do not forget that no matter how many SEO techniques you apply, you will never reach the desired result if the content of your website does not meet the relevant quality criteria and does not adequately analyze issues of interest to your audience.

As we have already mentioned, texts that analyze an in-depth topic are much more likely to rank on the first page for the keywords on which they focus. 

A relevant article consists of more than 4000 words with special emphasis given to its appearance, modern graphics and beautiful structure.


So we saw 5 very useful SEO techniques that will help you rank your website high and beat the competition. Do not forget that SEO is a constant investment and requires time, effort and special effort in order to open new communication channels with your audience and launch your sales through your online presence.

For a complete tool that will help you take the first steps with the SEO of your website, click on the link below: How to benefit from DSD.